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You are a creative person. Your mastery is open for perfection. You crave for professional growth. Your fantastic, unexpected and “crazy” ideas are ready for implementation.

The company “Housh-ma-Housh Productions GmbH” will assist you and by common efforts will implement your extraordinary projects. Go ahead, just try it. The company “Housh-ma-Housh Productions GmbH” is always ready for cooperation, assistance and support.


Your reliable partner – the company “Housh-ma-Housh Productions GmbH” is always open for everybody, efficient, mobile, having an experience in creating of incredible shows, concerts, galas, festive and jolly events, with great creative potential, with a keen sense of understanding of your needs, with an ability of creating of the necessary conditions for the work of world stars.


You are an artist! You are the creator and the master. Your stage life is exciting and colorful. It is full of tours. But the most ambitious projects, the most lucrative contracts have a general phenomenon and a steady feature – they come to the end. In the working calendar appear and begin multiply the “free days”. Think about it beforehand. The company “Housh-ma-Housh Productions GmbH” is your reliable partner and will help you find an appropriate job.


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