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Holiday of Jester

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On the 25th of May 2012 in Moscow took place a spectacle dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the “People’s Artist of Russia” Alexander Kalyagin which united the masters of the world arena.

Our agency has represented such great artists as “Academy Award” winner Pierre Etaix, Anatoliy Zalewsky (“Gold Medals” of the circus festivals of Monte-Carlo and “Cirque de Damian” in Paris), Viktor Voitko (Second Place Winner “FISM”, 1994), Duo “Flight of Passion” (“Gold Medal” of the circus festival of Monte-Carlo), Roman and Vyacheslav Zhovnitskiye (“Crazy Horse”, Paris).


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The 4th International Varieté Festival

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Entertainment center of Zenfeld in the district of Schweinfurt will host the “4th International Varieté Festival” from May 3 to 12, 2012. The “Kings of the Clowns”, “Housch-ma-Housch”, “Peter Shub”, “David Shiner”, “René Bazinet” and “Oleg Popov”, will be featured as a special attraction in a program entitled “Lachen machen”.


The 5th International Circus Festival in Izhevsk

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From March 8 until 11, 2012 the “5th International Circus Festival” takes place at the “State Circus of Udmurtia” in Izhevsk.

“Housch-ma-Housch Production GmbH” represented numerous artists, such as “Barry Mark Lubin” aka “Grandma”, “Giuseppe Nicolodi” and the “Duo MainTenanT”, “Ivan Zubkevych”, “Dou Strakhov” and “Trio Koblikov”.

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