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Cooperation of Pierre Étaix and Semen Shuster in show “Cachinno” was made at the crossing point of cinema, theater and circus. The masterpiece is full of fresh trends of innovation. The main topic of the performance is unexpected unique meeting of two clowns, which changes into the complex interaction of two circus’s coryphaeuses. In their partnership on the stage they are rivals, they mistrust each other and exercise a big part of professional excitement and it turns into a big friendship. The development of these relationship is a starting point of amazing journey into the land of complex circus jobs, contemporary clownery and mysterious magic. In the land of circus, the world of danger and discovery of incredible human possibilities. The main characters of the perfomance: owners of two “Oscars” Pierre Étaix and bronze prize-winner of international circus festival in Monte Carlo “Housch-ma-Housch” (Semen Shuster). In the show “Cachinno” participate the stars of international circus.

Erika Lemay the prize-winner of circus competition in Monte Carlo and in Saint Petersburg, the participant of the closing of Vienna cinema festival, balancer master. She know working with ring and is able to dance on hands.

Ukrainian magician Victor Voitko makes wonders with two metal rings, which at the end turns to be seal ring.

The owners of grand-pris on the festival in Monte Carlo duet of Dmitri Grigorov and Ekaterina Rubzova in this program perform the “Flight of passion”, which turns to be a temptation for the spectators. Trapeze artists on the belts do all physical feats without safety equipment.

Juggling with three skittles the artist from Germany Gordon Leif and Pat Fabio starts to take off his clothes, and throw to each other shoes, waistcoats and shirts. Then the artists have more difficult task, while joggling they put on their clothes.

The Canadian duet Melly Forni and Alexander Leyn work in the genre “flight of the partner”. While standing on the trapeze the male partner throws his female partner, who does complex rotations in the air. The majority of physical feats Melly Forni does with tied eyes.

The expert of parody Otto Wessely opens for the spectators some professional secrets and does parody on the tricks with rings of Victor Voitko.

The winner of the festival in Monte Carlo Anatoly Zalievsky works on the special stage, which allows him to glide as if he is on ice. The performance has very aesthetic values. Nothing seems to be excessive. The sense of harmony strengthens the beauty of plastic art and movement.

The parade of stars finish two step-dancers from Germany – twins brothers Roman and Slava Zhovnytskyy. They compete in the high speed step-dance, dance Irland dance and the dance of little swans from the ballet Chaikovskiy.

The performance is guided by famous choreographer and director Egor Druzhinin.

Show “Cachinno” was shown for the first time in Kaliningrad on the festival of arts “Baltic seasons”. It ist interesting for both adults and children.


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