Royal Palace in Kirrwiller

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Experience a magical journey at the Royal Palace in Kirrwiller, France, from September 2, 2023, to July 7, 2024. Each show immerses you in an enchanting world, blending humor with the elegance of a ball and circus artists. Magnificent dancer costumes transform the stage into a ballroom, adding a versatile circus dimension. The Royal Palace ambiance invites you on a unique exploration through various worlds, each act offering a gateway to an extraordinary experience. Join us for an unforgettable evening where comedy, ball, and circus seamlessly converge, bringing the magic to life.

Circus Vazquez

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From February 2nd to August 13th, 2023, I had the amazing opportunity to perform with Circus Vazquez, captivating audiences in iconic cities like New York, Washington, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia… The diversity of cultures under our big top created a unique tapestry of unity and joy, transforming each performance into a celebration of shared experiences. This tour, with its picturesque cities and diverse audience, will remain treasured chapter of my artistic career.

Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin, 2022

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Even if you have only seen him once, you will never forget him. Housch-ma-Housch, a fairy-tale character brought to life as if by the stroke of a pen, never stops playing, joking and laughing at himself and the world. His gentle body language, international vocabulary and ability to improvise out of thin air are the kind of comedy that is immortal and appeals to adults and children alike. Housch-Ma-Housch’s leisureliness turns into stormy action, his eccentricity into wild energy. He is impulsive, curious, sentimental and touching.

The creator of Housch-Ma-Housch is Simon Schuster, a talented artist with phenomenal charm. All his life he has been collecting funny stories, trying to find something strange in every experience and looking with a smile at everything twisted and confused. He processes his discoveries into a one-hour performance. Seeing it is a highlight. His original humour combined with an excellent knowledge of human nature makes Housch-Ma-Housch’s show a great play about encounters, separations, melancholy, dreams and happiness.

From 14th July to 31th July 2022, Simon Shuster and Maxim Sukhanov play the show at the Pfefferberg Theater in Berlin!

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Festival International du Cirque de Bayeux 2022

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The 9th edition of the Bayeux International Circus Festival takes place from 14th to 20th of March, 2022.

(…) the famous clown Housch-ma-Housch will be in the circus arena at the Bayeux International Circus Festival! (…)

(…) This German artist invites the audience to enter his universe. That’s a strange character and his world is filled with good humor. Housch-ma-Housch speaks in his own language, which gradually becomes understandable and intimately close to each spectator. His lively and original humor is multiplied by his knowledge of human nature.

Published by OUEST FRANCE, author Eric Marie

Festival Mondo Clowns 2022

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Festival „Mondo Clowns“ takes place from February 4th to 6th 2022.

“What an immense joy to finally welcome Housch-ma-Housch in our Festival!
You would think he came straight out of a dream, so unclassifiable is his character! At the crossroads between the Addams Family, Tim Burton, and Warner cartoons. Housch-ma-Housch will bring a real wind of madness to “Mondo Clowns”! With his unique universe, you will embark into the world where Laughter is a country, and a smile, its capital!”

Thierry Planès,
Founder of the Festival Mondo Clowns about the 6th Edition

TV program “Le Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain”

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“Le Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain” which exists from 1977 is a prestigious event dedicated to the circus arts. But this year it was an extraordinary edition. Because of our today’s epidemical situation, it was filmed in a TV show format at the “Musée des Arts Forains” in Paris between the 14th and 23rd of January 2021. The circus artists performed in an astounding atmosphere but unfortunately without an enthusiastic and physically present audience, which did not affect their professionalism. The German and French circus fans will have the opportunity to watch the festival on Christmas time all ready this year 2021.

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The Show “Clowns”, Spain, 2021

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The show “Clowns” is 5 clowns with 5 visions of humor, 5 views of the absurd, which takes the audience into a world where a gesture turns into a smile, and a smile turns into loud laughter. “Clowns” was created to remind the audience how to laugh, shout, clap their hands and share unforgettable moments with their loved ones. The show premiered in May 2021 in Madrid and will continue until the end of this year in various cities in Spain.

World Press Cartoon, Portugal, 2021

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World Press Cartoon is the organization based in Lisboa known for holding one of the world’s largest and most prestigious annual press cartoon contests. The event was organized on 17th of July 2021. Its mission was to distinguish, exhibit, promote and award the best drawings published in the world press. The striking highlight in this contest was the performance of the festival’s guest “Housch-ma-Housch”.

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Clownmania Festival, Belgien, 2021

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Long live laughter and joy! Nivelle, Brabant brought together artists of the comedy genre, to give the audience moments of sparkling humor and carefree laughter. “Clownmania” – is a festival dedicated to the art of clowns of all around the world, which was held in Belgium this year on 3d and 4th of July.

TV production “Artistika Hope”, 2021

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The 9th Artistika 2021 (from 22.04.21 till 25.04.21) is a renowned international Festival of acrobatics in Switzerland. This year, the popular live show was transformed from the originally planned visitors event into a high-quality TV production under the title “Artistika Hope”. All artists, musicians and technicians were able to cope with their mission and, as usual, create high-class entertainment in the new format adapting to our today’s situation.

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