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«Fairy comedy show» Housch-ma-Housch in the theater «Jantar Hall» in Kaliningrad

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An artist who is applauded in many countries of the world, a favourite of the audience, a recognized master of world comedy, gives his only performance for children and adults. Fairy personages remind people, and people resemble fairy personages. Matchless sense of humor, vivid images, authentic animation and affecting stories are waiting for you on the show of Housch-Ma-Housch.

Sincere stories from your childhood.
August 17, 2019 – the only performance from the fabulous Housch-Ma-Housch. An event not to be missed.


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Show «COMEBACK Paris – Monte Carlo – Leipzig» at Krystallpalast

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Leipzig met its favourite artist again! This time, Housch-ma-Housch presented his new show “Comerback.Paris-Monte Carlo-Leipzig” to the audience of Krystallpalast. Again, returning to cozy Leipzig, the artist touched the audience with poetry and magic of the performance to the depths of its heart, and also made it laugh to tears So it was in 2002 and 2009, so it was this spring of 2019, 10 years later. And now the best miniatures of this season conquered the guests and residents of Leipzig.


COMEBACK | Paris – Monte Carlo – Leipzig – Offizieller Trailer

Krone Jubilee Season 100

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In the winter of 2019, the jubilee 100th season of the Krone circus was held. The best
artists from different countries participated in the program. Among the acts in the arena of
the old circus building in Munich, the performance of incredible Housch-ma-Housch was a
special gem. He not only pleased the audience with his performance, but also the poster of
the festive program was adorned with the image of this artist.


Christmas in Studgart

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From December 6, 2018 to January 6, 2019, the largest circus Christmas show in Germany takes place in Stuttgart. For the 25th anniversary was created a grand show with the participation of 100 artists. Here you can enjoy the beauty of a classic circus and get real theatrical emotions. This is a great family event for spectators of all ages with the participation of Housch-ma-Housch. Don’t miss the show where you can feel the real Christmas miracle!



Festival du Cirque du Val d’Oise

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In October 2018, Housch-ma-Housch took part in the International Circus Festival in Cap Domont, France. Simon Shuster was awarded with a Prix du Président de la République.

It was a joyful event for the artist.


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