Even if you have only seen him once, you will never forget him again. Housch-Ma-Housch, a fairy-tale character that has been brought to life by a stroke of a pen, does not stop playing, joking and laughing at himself and the world. His gentle movements , branded set of words and his skill to improvise from nothing are the kind of immortal comedy, absurd which is equally appreciated by both – grownups and kids. A leisurely pace of Housch-Ma-Housch turns into stormy action. His eccentricity turns into wild energy. He is impulsive, curious, sentimental.

Simon Shuster is a creator of Housch-Ma-Housch, talented artist with phenomenal charm. His whole life he collects funny stories, trying to find something strange in each situation and to look with a smile on everything entangled and distorted. He combined his discoveries into a one-hour performance which is a must-watch. His original sense of humor combined with an excellent knowledge of human nature makes Housch-Ma-Housch’s show a great spectacle of unexpected encounters, partings, fleeting melancholy, dreams and happiness.


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