Festival Mondo Clowns 2022

POSTED IN: Festivals, Housch-ma-Housch 13.12.2021

Festival „Mondo Clowns“ takes place from February 4th to 6th 2022.

“What an immense joy to finally welcome Housch-ma-Housch in our Festival!
You would think he came straight out of a dream, so unclassifiable is his character! At the crossroads between the Addams Family, Tim Burton, and Warner cartoons. Housch-ma-Housch will bring a real wind of madness to “Mondo Clowns”! With his unique universe, you will embark into the world where Laughter is a country, and a smile, its capital!”

Thierry Planès,
Founder of the Festival Mondo Clowns about the 6th Edition

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