Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin, 2022

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Even if you have only seen him once, you will never forget him. Housch-ma-Housch, a fairy-tale character brought to life as if by the stroke of a pen, never stops playing, joking and laughing at himself and the world. His gentle body language, international vocabulary and ability to improvise out of thin air are the kind of comedy that is immortal and appeals to adults and children alike. Housch-Ma-Housch’s leisureliness turns into stormy action, his eccentricity into wild energy. He is impulsive, curious, sentimental and touching.

The creator of Housch-Ma-Housch is Simon Schuster, a talented artist with phenomenal charm. All his life he has been collecting funny stories, trying to find something strange in every experience and looking with a smile at everything twisted and confused. He processes his discoveries into a one-hour performance. Seeing it is a highlight. His original humour combined with an excellent knowledge of human nature makes Housch-Ma-Housch’s show a great play about encounters, separations, melancholy, dreams and happiness.

From 14th July to 31th July 2022, Simon Shuster and Maxim Sukhanov play the show at the Pfefferberg Theater in Berlin!

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