Magic-Comedy Show

POSTED IN: Artists, Housch-ma-Housch, Shows 18.02.2007

In the “Magic-Comedy Show” legendary clown “Housch-ma-Housch” acts as conférencier and hosts the entire show by way of his vignette-like, highly amusing stories. This exceptional artist continues to put his artistry in evidence by means of sparingly applied spoken word acoustics, witty facial expressions and entertaining pantomime – the art of making other people laugh.

They form the basic structure of the show together with the world-famous, incomparable grand magician Viktor Voitko who stages illusion perfectly and has been rewarded for his talent with numerous awards and who lends to the show a particularly magical, enchanted atmosphere.

Due to diverse artistic scenes and performances this show is a hard act to follow in terms fascination and amusement.

Depending on the number of artists employed, the show last a minimum of one hour and twenty minutes. With the exception of “Housch-ma-Housch” and Viktor Voitko, the artists may vary.


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