The 4th International Varieté Festival

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Entertainment center of Zenfeld in the district of Schweinfurt will host the “4th International Varieté Festival” from May 3 to 12, 2012. The “Kings of the Clowns”, “Housch-ma-Housch”, “Peter Shub”, “David Shiner”, “René Bazinet” and “Oleg Popov”, will be featured as a special attraction in a program entitled “Lachen machen”.


The 5th International Circus Festival in Izhevsk

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From March 8 until 11, 2012 the “5th International Circus Festival” takes place at the “State Circus of Udmurtia” in Izhevsk.

“Housch-ma-Housch Production GmbH” represented numerous artists, such as “Barry Mark Lubin” aka “Grandma”, “Giuseppe Nicolodi” and the “Duo MainTenanT”, “Ivan Zubkevych”, “Dou Strakhov” and “Trio Koblikov”.

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Wow Show

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Wow Show

The show title says everything about the performance – “WOW!”

“Housch-ma-Housc”h, the charming comic, enchants his audience with highly entertaining and amusing stories, and he forms the concept of the entire show by hosting it. He is an eagle-eyed observer, has a sensitive nose, swift hands and rhythmical soles. He speaks his own language, but one which can be understood by anyone and which spices up his performance.

In addition to clownesque stagings by “Housch-ma-Housch” you may look forward to first-rate international artists. Depending on the number of artists used, the show lasts a minimum of one hour and twenty minutes. With the exception of “Housch-ma-Housch”, artists may vary.


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Magic-Comedy Show

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In the “Magic-Comedy Show” legendary clown “Housch-ma-Housch” acts as conférencier and hosts the entire show by way of his vignette-like, highly amusing stories. This exceptional artist continues to put his artistry in evidence by means of sparingly applied spoken word acoustics, witty facial expressions and entertaining pantomime – the art of making other people laugh.

They form the basic structure of the show together with the world-famous, incomparable grand magician Viktor Voitko who stages illusion perfectly and has been rewarded for his talent with numerous awards and who lends to the show a particularly magical, enchanted atmosphere.

Due to diverse artistic scenes and performances this show is a hard act to follow in terms fascination and amusement.

Depending on the number of artists employed, the show last a minimum of one hour and twenty minutes. With the exception of “Housch-ma-Housch” and Viktor Voitko, the artists may vary.


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